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Things are changing and I'll be back soon with some new images to post here...hang in there. I'm in the process of hunting for a new camera...but not just any camera. "This garden universe vibrates complete..some may get a sound so sweet. Vibrations reach on up to become light, then thru gamma and out of sight. Between the eyes and ears there lie the sounds of color and the light of a sigh. And to hear the Sun...what a thing to believe, but it's all around if we could but perceive. To know ultraviolet, infrared, and to find in so many ways"...Thank you Graeme Edge and Mike Pinder so much for those profound yet simple words. They remind me that the world is a lot more than it seems...something easily forgotten lately. To keep one's awareness open and deal with the world on a daily basis is a real handful. But often, grabbing the camera and taking a walk can start a somewhat Zen like process...which really isn't a just is. I've always regarded my interest as an avocation...something sourced from the heart. This interest really started right after high school, but earlier on there were brief glimmers of what was to be. I discovered that there’s something cool about stumbling onto a special scene and being able to capture that image, in that moment. And this process that I've gone through all these years really has been one of discovery. I’ve been lucky enough to have had the use of many different cameras, most being 35mm. I never quite took to medium format cameras, although I tried a few...Mamiya twin lens and a Bronica 645. They just weren’t portable enough for me and didn't handle available light like a 35mm. Cameras came and cameras went, over the years, but one camera stood out among them all...the Canon F-1 ...Canon's first true professional camera. Wish Canon would follow Olympus’s lead and come out with a digital remake of the F-1. They were gorgeous pieces, all in black, very solidly made, and had great accessories. They were almost constant companions during the mid to late 70's and again in the early 90's, and they helped me gather a lot of images. By the late 90's, it was clear that a revolution was taking place...the digital age was dawning. I picked up my first real computer skills running a CAD program at work...and it was only a few months later that I bought my first PC. I waited a bit on buying a camera, as the technology was changing by leaps and bounds. And prices were rather high for somewhat limited resolution. I went conservatively and started off with something cheap and simple...a little 1.3 meg Olympus point and shoot. Upgrades came through the years and I learned about post processing by just jumping in and trying. Took some courses while using PS Elements 3.0, but it was more about doing the tricky things, and not so much about fixing and correcting and adjusting. My next step was moving up here to Saratoga Springs. After a bit of looking around for work, I came across a job at FedEx/Kinko’s ...although you never see Kinko’s associated with FedEx anymore. Here, I worked around people that did digital creation all least until the customer showed up. Standard software at that time was Adobe CS2...and so I learned about working with both Illustrator and PS, and after a while used them on a daily basis. I still have copies of both on my hard drive just in case. Hardware has changed a few times over the last few years and the digital images here are done with a variety of cameras , starting with a Canon 10D and 20D, a couple of Sony p&s cameras, a Canon G12 and ELPH 520HS...and on to my newest arrival, a refurbished Canon T3i from B&H. I never thought to take a look at refurbished models before, but there are some excellent deals to be had for those of us not exactly wallowing in loose cash. I also have an Epson 4490 flatbed scanner that can do film scans up to 120 size and has 4800 dpi native resolution. As for the software end of things, earlier this spring I started looking around for a good alternative to PS 9.0 and ran across Corel's ad for PaintShop Pro x5. They were running special pricing, and after taking the trial run, I went for it and have been quite pleased. Corel may have woken to the fact that Adobe just made a decision that many find rather distasteful regarding what’s become a rental situation with new versions of PS. Most of us just want to plunk down some cash one time and actually OWN our software. Adobe doesn’t think so, and Corel has been pushing for market share with lowered prices. I’ve tried other stuff...and some freeware too...but PSP is my choice for now. I don’t need a lot of filters and effects...played with that years ago...and it's really not my style. I like simple and effective tools, as I try to make the most of the image in camera, rather than on screen. As for RAW conversion, now that I'm again using a camera that's RAW capable, I've been trying Raw Therapee. Very powerful stuff there...and it's open source and it's free... how much better can life get ! So that’s a pretty good snapshot of who and where I am at this point. Oh yeah, one last thing. I've been enjoying having a place to ramble and there's a blog I have..


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